The Month is Over!

This was a really difficult, restricting month, but I am very happy that I gave being vegan a try. It may have been inconvenient, but I felt so healthy while putting extra thought into what I put into my mouth. Realistically, moving forward I probably will not stay vegan. However, I do want to attempt […]

Taste the rainbow

I had a family dinner last night and my aunt found a recipe that was deliciously vegan but want even advertised as vegan. It was basically an eggplant stirfry but it called for red wine vinegar and basil to be thrown in at the end before serving. It was a very simple, delicious and healthy […]

This is getting easier!

I’m leaning to separate myself from my cheese cravings! You just don’t need it. And after I’m finished with this month I know I’ll stick to almond milk vs dairy milk and also cooking with olive oil instead of butter. I feel like I’m learning some good food discipline and how to make better choices. […]

Time Out

I promise this blog won’t be just me talking about cheating at being vegan.. But I did take a time out this weekend for a meal at my aunt’s house. I’m not sure if it makes it better or worse, but it was a premeditated cheat. The whole family was over and my aunt is […]

Vegan Risotto

Wow that turned out to be one of the best meals (vegan or not) that I’ve made! Spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, low fat, packed with vitamins and flavor and it even had a creamy consistency to it without any dairy! Yum. I even caught my boyfriend stealing a few bites when I wasn’t looking. He also […]