This is getting easier!

I’m leaning to separate myself from my cheese cravings! You just don’t need it. And after I’m finished with this month I know I’ll stick to almond milk vs dairy milk and also cooking with olive oil instead of butter. I feel like I’m learning some good food discipline and how to make better choices. Last night I went to the baseball game and got a pretzel with mustard instead of cheese, and honestly it was just as satisfying (or maybe I’m starting to brain wash myself!). I do have a deep love of mustard so it was easy to make the switch. And just now I went to noodles and co and they have so many options and modifications for vegans, I had just never had a reason to ask about them before.

Tonight we are having dinner at my aunt’s house (the one where I had the big cheat) and I took the step to remind her I’m vegan so she’s letting me cool a quinoa side to go with the chicken she’s making.

I have just over a week left, I can’t believe it!


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