Vegan Chili and Vegan Food Trucks!

I made this delicious chili the other night: I couldn’t find the quinoa so I made it hawaiian style with some rice. I cooked up some steak on the side for the bf and we both agreed it was super filling and fresh with all the veggies included. It made a ton of chili and the leftovers were great!

Last night we went out in Denver where many bars don’t serve their own food but instead have a food truck outside. I took a look at the menu and thought for sure I wouldn’t be able to eat anything. But upon asking I found out half of it was vegan, it just wasn’t labeled that way! My meat-eating friends ordered the “chicken” sandwich, made of a new soy-protein that has a thicker consistency than tofu. I got a pinto and rice burger, and everything was served on waffles instead of bread! I attached a pic of the menu.

Now I just enjoyed a delicious grilled veggie sandwich with an actual variety of veggies – artichoke hearts, asparagus, onions, tomatoes, peppers, the works! Without the cheese and with the balsamic dressing. YUM!



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