Time Out

I promise this blog won’t be just me talking about cheating at being vegan.. But I did take a time out this weekend for a meal at my aunt’s house. I’m not sure if it makes it better or worse, but it was a premeditated cheat. The whole family was over and my aunt is an amazing chef. I really wouldn’t have been able to eat anything (even the veggies and pasta were doused in butter) and also couldn’t resist her cooking. So instead of getting creative I went all in and ate the works: red meat, cheese, butter, and even had ice cream for dessert. I know I’m the worst. But I have to say it sort of re-focused me. I really had a bad stomach ache that started halfway through dinner and kept going for about an hour after. I had sharp pains in my stomach and felt so uncomfortable! Before and after that meal I’ve stuck to my veganism but that was an unexpected side effect of one meal. I didn’t think I’d react like that after just 2 weeks of not eating meat and dairy. Anyway on to a positive note. Last night I made dinner for myself, my boyfriend and a friend. It was vegan chickpea veggie curry and it was delicious! I did add chicken in for the guys after I took my portion out, but they ate it up and even had seconds (the true measure of how good something is, right?)! It was so easy to make too. Here’s the link to a cool easy vegan blog I found on Pinterest. http://theveganstoner.blogspot.com/?m=1 I added some extra veggies and used coconut milk instead of yogurt and it was excellent!

And a pic of the recipe to show how easy it is!



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