The Last Supper

June 30th – the last day of eating without thinking first. The smart way to start the challenge probably would have been to ease my way into it the week before so I wasn’t starting cold turkey (excuse my cliched pun). Alas, I apparently wanted to clog my arteries as much as possible before cleaning them out. So Imo’s pizza was ordered and devoured in all of its cheesy, gooey goodness. I even ate the bacon and pepperoni slices that I would normally forgo for the vegetarian or plain cheese option. I watched as my 3-year-old godson piled shredded cheese from the salad onto his cheese pizza and realized how early a love a cheese can develop. I tried to savor every last bite and at the same time began detaching myself from the stuff. Pizza is going to be a hard one to say goodbye to but it has to be done.



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